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I am proud to be associated with ABA India, a not for profit organization engaged in studying and applying the science of behavioral analysis in treating autistic disorder. ABA India is organizing the 1st ABA Conference in India...

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ABA India is a not for profit organization supported by parents of individuals with Autism, practitioners and caregivers in this special field. I'm proud to be associated with the organization as a "Goodwill Ambassador"...

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I' m honored to be associated with ABA India as a "Goodwill Ambassador" for the First Asia Pacific Conference in Bangalore on December 11-12, 2010. I support the work that ABA - India, has set out to do in India...

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Monday, 10 February 2014

The fourth annual conference of Association for Behavior Analysis India was held in The Hyatt, Chennai on 14th and 15th Dec 2013 . The program received a tremendous response, attended by over 175 participants around 65% of whom were parents of children with autism and other learning disabilities. The rest of the participants were ABA professionals, special educators, mental health experts, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, students doing MS in psychology etc.

Chennai was fortunate to have Dr. Bill Heward, BCBA-D , a thought leader in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and co- author of the authoritative white book on this science deliver the keynote address. His journey down the memory lane capturing some fascinating times mastering skills in baseball and Applied Behavior Analysis combined with reflections on how Behavior Analysis has the potential to make the world a better place set the tone for the conference.

Ms. Bombay Jayashree , chief guest of the event and a renowned Carnatic ( Classical) vocalist recalled a touching event of her musical rendering being pointed out as incorrect by a young adult with autism. She is associated with raising awareness about autism and expressed her profound wish that music can be brought to bear upon some of the problems faced by children with learning disabilities.

Ms. SmitaAwasthi, BCBA , founder trustee and past president of ABA India presented a retrospect on how the pool of professionals trained in ABA has grown steadily from just one person in 2004 to 18 people now . She touched upon the launch of a BACB approved course sequence running out of India directed by Dr. Neil Martin, BCBA-D and International representative of BACB as another important milestone event. She emphasised that any government initiated ABA course should have ABA curriculum taught by BCBAs only.

The special guest for the Conference was Sri V.K.Jeyakodi, Principal Secretary and State Commissioner for Differently Abled, Govt of Tamil Nadu, India. In his address, he spoke about the measures taken by the State Government to work on early intervention with autism, while reiterating the need for more efforts towards creating an inclusive environment for the disabled.

Dr. E.S. Krishnamoorthy, neuropsychiatrist, spoke about how Neurodevelopment has a profound influence on the development and expression of neuropsychiatric disorders. While a combination of genetics, exposure to environmental elements have animpact on neurobehavioral development of a child, the outcome can be significantly influenced by quality intervention.

Intensive two hour workshops addressed areas such as Transitioning to adulthood for teens and Young Adults with HFA and Aspergers disorder , Teaching social skills at home, school and community, Data driven teaching and toilet training children with autism. These workshops were conducted by eminent professionals from overseas and from India - Dr. Neil Martin ,Phd., BCBA- D from United Kingdom, Dr. Rebecca Ward , Phd., C. Psych. , Canada, Ms. SmitaAwasthi, BCBA, India, Ms. Svetlana Iyer, BCBA, India and Ms. Meera Ramani, BCBA, UAE.

Dr. Bill Heward again delivered a special address on Sustainability and Applied Behavior Analysis. While he was in the historic Mahabalipuram city before the conference he spotted some plastic bags strewn in front of shops in a tourist area and figured a solution involving a very innovative application of mystery rewards and an intermittent schedule of reinforcement. He pointed out that Behavior Analysts are uniquely poised to contribute to a broad range of interventions to promote the husbandry of our planet's resources, restore damaged ecosystems and help prepare us cope with challenges to sustainability.

A total of 22 applied Paper presentations were made by Professionals and para professionals from across the country and covered a range of interventions. These included Behavioral intervention for treatment of phonological disorder in a 16yo girl with autism, studying the effect of change in ecological factors and settings, significance of sports training for children with autism, regulating on-task Behavior of teenagers in a mainstream school environment, research based procedures for reducing escape behaviors in 5 children etc.

The valedictory function saw parents of children sharing success stories using principles of ABA. The presentations showed data based studies with video vignettes . Example included a mom successfully toilet training her 3 year old son using a combination of systematic desensitization and use of herself as a generalized conditioned reinforcer to accomplish certain key steps in the toilet training process which was successful on day 37. In his concluding Vote of thanks, the President, Mr. Sridhar Aravamudhan thanked the parents and professionals in the field for turning out in large numbers and participating in an amazing knowledge sharing experience while appealing to all to make the pool of ABA connected people larger and larger and use ABA to make the world a better place.

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