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I am proud to be associated with ABA India, a not for profit organization engaged in studying and applying the science of behavioral analysis in treating autistic disorder. ABA India is organizing the 1st ABA Conference in India...

VVS Laxman
Ace Indian Cricketer
Good Will Ambassador for ABA - India

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ABA India is a not for profit organization supported by parents of individuals with Autism, practitioners and caregivers in this special field. I'm proud to be associated with the organization as a "Goodwill Ambassador"...

Gautam Gambhir
Ace Indian Cricketer
Good Will Ambassador for ABA - India

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I' m honored to be associated with ABA India as a "Goodwill Ambassador" for the First Asia Pacific Conference in Bangalore on December 11-12, 2010. I support the work that ABA - India, has set out to do in India...

Farouque Sheikh
Film Actor & Theatre Personality

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HomeFirst South East Asian ABA International Conference
First South East Asian ABA International Conference
ABA-India organized the First South East Asian ABA International Conference on the 11th and 12th of December 2010, Bengaluru, India. The Conference was attended by over 200 delegates including professionals and parents from over 10 countries. The conference had eminent international speakers including Dr. Maurice Feldman( Brock University), Dr. Mickey Keenan( Ulster University), Dr. Neil Martin ( International BACB Representative), Dr. Rebecca Ward ( Brock University), Dr.. Dennis Moore ( Monash University), Dr. Elizabeth Daniels ( University of Malaysia) who added value to the audience through their presentations.

Topic: "Applications Of Applied Behaviour Analysis In Autism, Behavior Disorders & Education"


• Dr. Maurice Feldman ( Ph.D., Psych, BCBA-D; Professor Director of the Center for Applied Disability Studies, Brock University, Canada)- Topic: Successful community PBS/ABA model for children with ASD and DD severe behaviour problems.
• Dr.Shobha Srinath-( Professor and HOD Department of Psychiatry National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) Topic: Neurobiological Underpinnings in ASD.
• Dr. Mickey Keenan- ( PhD, BCBA-D, Senior lecturer at the School of Psychology, University of Ulster, and a Fellow of the British Psychological society)

Topic : The Shaping Game- Game demonstrating what is behavioural stream, Creating behaviour, Differential reinforcement, Delay of reinforcement and other critical variables wrt creating behaviours,


• Enhancing Classroom Discipline- By Geetika Kapoor, EdS, NCSP
• Reducing Challenging Behaviours- By Smita Awasthi, BCBA
• Video Modelling- What is it and How it works- By Dr. Dennis Moore, BCBA-D
• Data Driven Teaching Children with Autism- By Dr. Neil Martin, BCBA-D
• Social Skills Training,- By Dr. Rebecca Ward, PhD, C Psych
• Teach Verbal Behaviour to Non Vocal Learners- By Dr. Susan Ainsleigh, BCBA-D
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